Members and Board

Bike Baton Rouge members are your neighbors, friends, and colleagues interested in helping to make a difference in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, southeastern Louisiana, and across the state. We have over 100 members and are always looking for ways to engage more people. If you are interested in joining, please see our membership page.


Meet the Board

Our Board is composed of a talented group of people who are passionate about bicycling, making positive change in the world, and living in Baton Rouge. Our board is composed of 100% volunteers!


Mika Torkkola - PresiDent

Mika is a Certified Bicycle Safety Instructor and has a passion for getting people on bicycles. You might see him around town with a group of bicyclists following him saying things like "I didn't know you could ride a bike here!" Learn more about Mika here.

DOUG MOORE - Vice President

Doug is man behind many of our successes - he heads up our bike rack program, organizes our bike corrals, and is a big believer in 'doing' instead of talking. He also throws a mean tennis ball. Learn more about Doug here.


Tina is a long time bicycle advocate in Baton Rouge. She's passionate about meeting people and spreading a POSITIVE message about bicycling. Learn more about Tina here.


Ric is our representative from our friends at the Baton Rouge Bike Club. He's passionate about bike safety and in getting people to enjoy the recreational and health aspects of riding a bicycle. Learn more about Ric here.


With a background in media, Samantha does a fantastic job in making it seem like we know what we're doing. She also heads up our light donation program - and LOVES making new riders feel at home. Learn more about Samantha here.

Sarah schramm

Sarah is an architect/ecologist/adventurer (her words!) from Wisconsin. She's a regular bicycle commuter in Baton Rouge, and beyond, and has a wealth of practical experience through her profession as a landscape architect. Find out more about Sarah here.


Mike is the FHWA Recreational Trails Administrator for Louisiana, and brings a wealth or practical experience to our Board. Like most of us, he commutes by bike and enjoys spending time pedaling around town with his children and grandchildren. Learn more about Mike here.

We're CONSTANTLY looking for passionate, positive and hard-working people for our board. If you'd like to register your interest, please fill out the form below or shoot us an email at

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