Louisiana ranks third in the nation for bicycling deaths. Help us make bicycling safer by following these simple safety tips.

Tips for bicyclists

Always ride with traffic, not against it
(RS 32:197 Riding on Roadways and Bicycle Paths)
23% of bike fatalities involve a bicyclist riding illegally against traffic

Always use front and rear lights when it's dark
(RS 32:329 Bicycles; front lamps; side and rear reflectors; rear lamps)
50% of bike fatalities occur outside of daylight hours

tips for motorists

Pass bicyclists safely, with at least three feet of clearance
RS 32:76.1 Limitations on passing bicycles
40% of bike fatalities involve an impact from behind

Look for bicyclists at all times, particularly at intersections and driveways
44% of bike fatalities occur at intersections


tips for everyone

Don't bike or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
RS 14:98— Operating a vehicle while intoxicated
35% of bike fatalities involve a drunk driver or bicyclist

Treat all other road users with care and respect!

Following our safety tips and Louisiana state law will help keep you (and others) safe on our roads, but no amount of attention makes up for Louisiana roads that are, unfortunately, often built without any consideration for road users other than motorists. While this is changing, there is still a great deal of work to be done to make Baton Rouge a truly walkable and bikeable city.

ADDENDUM, APRIL 2017 : On the legality of sidewalk riding.

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