Here's just a small list of projects that we have advised on, made possible, and rode on!

Bicycle parking for all

Bike Baton Rouge began working with a local metal worker Iron Designs LLC to build custom bike racks for local businesses around the city. Since then, more than 20 custom racks have been installed. Due to these initial efforts, the city installed an additional 70 bicycle rings around downtown Baton Rouge. Iron Designs now has racks installed in New Orleans, Alexandria, and several other Louisiana parishes and cities.

Complete streets

In 2014, the Baton Rouge Metro Council approve a Complete Streets policy at the behest of Bike Baton Rouge and numerous other local organizations. The policy requires that all new roads and roadway improvements to consider all road users, including pedestrians and bicyclists, in the design of that road. In 2015, Aaron Cherry joined the Complete Streets Advisory Committee as Bike BR's representative to that organization.

Colin goodier protection act

The Colin Goodier Protection Act was passed in 2009 with the support of Bike Baton Rouge and several statewide organizations. This act set a minimum safe passing distance of three feet which motorists must adhere to when passing a bicycle.

Bike education

Bike Baton Rouge and our volunteers regularly promote bicycling through educational workshops and rides aimed at bicyclists of all ages and skill levels. Our volunteers include safety instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists and are available to teach bike safety at your school, place of work, or event! Click here to become a volunteer today! -->

Bike lights

Bike Baton Rouge's Light the Night program has donated over FOUR HUNDRED sets of bike lights to both individuals, as well as organizations like the Baton Rouge Police Department. Bike lights are legally required in Louisiana while riding at night. Help us Light the Night by becoming a member!

A voice for baton Rouge bicyclists

Bike Baton Rouge volunteers represent bicyclists in various local, city, and state organizations. Our people help these organizations understand the human consequences of road design, law, and policy changes. We argue that any change that benefits walking or biking is going to benefit the community that it's implemented in. We also help community members around Baton Rouge get involved in their local Metro Council meetings so they can advocate for better bicycle facilities in their neighborhoods.