Policy and Advocacy Work

“share the road” is ambiguous and confusing.

“share the road” is ambiguous and confusing.

Bicycles May Use Full Lane

**UPDATE** Thanks to the help of our members and the public, there has been some progress on BMUFL signage. See recent news story here.

Currently working on a public information campaign in the hopes of E. Baton Rouge Parish replacing all the ‘Share the Road’ signs with ‘Bicycles May Use Full Lane’ signage, which is clearer for everyone to understand.

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LSU - Dangers to Pedestrians in areas adjacent to campus

The Burbank/Nicholson Corridor has long been a dangerous area of town for those who walk and bike. We’ve created a summary of why the area can be so perilous and what can be done about it. We’re in the process of presenting this to Complete Streets committees of both the city/parish and the State, as well as working with the LSU Student Senate and the Facilities staff at LSU to improve pedestrian safety.

Policy Positions/ Advocating for Reform

Developed detailed analyses of design guidelines in Baton Rouge and offered suggestions on how to improve them.


**UPDATE** The city/parish has released it’s prioritized lists of projects. You can download them here and here.

Worked to develop position paper and gave presentation to project management consultants of MOVEBR for the purpose of ensuring projects accommodate ALL road users whenever possible. Served on MOVEBR Complete Streets workgroup, helping to create design guidelines for the projects built under the program in the future.

EBRP Pedestrian/Bike Master Plan

Served on Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Committee for the E. Baton Rouge Pedestrian/Bike Master Plan, the details of which can be seen here. The plan is scheduled to be complete and be considered by the Metro Council in late 2019.

Mayoral Transition Team
Participated in Mayor Sharon Weston Broom's transition team as an advisor for multi-modal transportation in the city of Baton Rouge.

Vulnerable Road Users Law

While SB 171 ultimately failed, new legislation has passed in 2019 charging the Louisiana Law Institute to study the effects/implementation of a VRU law. Bike BR is part of this effort.

Advocated for Senate Bill No. 171 (Vulnerable Road User Law), which would establish fines and potential jail time, and require a court hearing for drivers operating a motor vehicle in a careless manner that results in the injury or death of another road user who is not driving a car, van, or truck. This bill would protect vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, by creating penalties for injuring these road users. Passed the Senate, but not the House in 2016. Bike Baton Rouge continues to advocate for this bill.

Complete Streets
Successfully advocated for Complete Streets Policy to be adopted by BR Metro Council in 2014, which requires that all new roads and roadway improvements to consider all road users, including pedestrians and bicyclists, in the design of that road. To learn more about Baton Rouge's complete streets vision and policy statement, click here.

Bike Baton Rouge serves on the Complete Streets Advisory Committees for both the State and for E. Baton Rouge Parish.

Brightside Lane with bike lanes. This was a Green Light Plan project. Image: Google Maps.

Brightside Lane with bike lanes. This was a Green Light Plan project. Image: Google Maps.

Green Light Plan
Successfully petitioned the Director of the Department of Public Works to include bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Brightside Lane, a Green Light Plan project. This project was completed in 2011. To learn more about the Green Light Plan, click here.

Colin Goodier Protection Act
Successfully advocated for state of Louisiana's adoption of the Colin Goodier Protection Act, which sets a minimum safe passing distance (3') of a bicyclist by a motorist and prohibits the harassment of bicyclists in 2009. (Revised Statute 32:76.1 and 32:201). Worked with Tiger Cycling Foundation (now part of Wheels to Succeed) and Louisiana 3-feet.

Mayor's Bicycle Program
Worked with the City-Parish in designing the Mayor's Bicycle Program and co-hosted a Public Input Workshop for that Program in 2009.

Complete Streets Work Group
Worked with AARP and other groups to pass Senate Concurrent Resolution 110, "To urge and request formation of a Complete Streets Work Group in the Department of Transportation and Development."  Bike Baton Rouge serves as the bicycle advocacy representative for the state as a part of this work group.

2017 Designing Streets for Pedestrians and Bicyclists workshop at the City-Parish Planning Commission

2017 Designing Streets for Pedestrians and Bicyclists workshop at the City-Parish Planning Commission

Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Provides input through the Capital Region Planning Commission's Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee on local projects. The committee aims to improve bicycling and pedestrian conditions for commuters, children and elderly, persons with disabilities and recreational bicyclists and walkers of the area. In addition, the committee analyzes issues arising within the planning area of transportation management from a bicycle and pedestrian perspective. The committee makes recommendations to the Metropolitan Planning Organization's Transportation Technical Advisory and Policy Committees.

Expressway Park. Image: Google Maps.

Expressway Park. Image: Google Maps.

Capital Areas Pathway Project
Worked with BREC to identify cycling routes. BREC's Capital Area Pathways Project (CAPP) is an initiative to identify routes and build a network of connecting trails and greenways throughout East Baton Rouge Parish.