Launching the Official Baton Rouge Bike Map!

Here at Bike Baton Rouge, there's nothing we love more than getting people out on two wheels and out and about in our city. This can be a tougher task than it sounds like, particularly when you learn that many parts of Baton Rouge were not, unfortunately, designed with bicycle transportation in mind (don't worry, the newly adopted Complete Streets policy is already at work).

That is all about to change, however, with our new Official Baton Rouge Bike Map, which uses crowdsourced routes from experienced bicyclists in Baton Rouge to help you work out the safest and easiest ways to get across Baton Rouge. The Official Baton Rouge Bike Map is interactive, allowing you to zoom in for more detail. Clicking on the lines displayed will give you more information about cross streets and hazards to pay attention to. Colour coding will help identify particularly dangerous sections as well as other areas of interest.

At least twelve (at last count) Bike Baton Rouge members have contributed to this map over a period of about two years. We think you'll find it a useful tool in route selection when getting around Baton Rouge, and we hope that it will encourage you to get out and ride more in our great city!

Kenilworth Bike Lanes

Kenilworth Bike Lanes