Meet the Board - Emily


Who are you and where are  you from?

My name is Emily Deshotel and I am from Lafayette, LA.

Why do you love bicycling?

I love cycling because it allows me to be active while also providing a serene outlet for meditation.

Why did you join the Bike Baton Rouge board? 

I joined Bike Baton Rouge so I could continue my Bike Advocacy 

What do you see your role within Bike Baton Rouge?  

I hope to be an asset when it comes to sponsorships and ideas

What do you do and what are you good at?

I am currently an Assistant Store Manager at Local Charm and I am generally good at bringing people together and presenting out of the box ideas.

What would you consider the greatest challenge to bicycling in Baton Rouge?

I think one of the greatest challenges in Baton Rouge when it comes to cycling is the lack of knowledgeable and responsible drivers.

What are you and the Bike Baton Rouge board doing to tackle that challenge?

Increase awareness about bicycle laws and general safety specifically targeted to drivers.

What does your "ideal" day of bike riding in Baton Rouge look like?

70 degree weather, nighttime and on backroads.