Bike Baton Rouge Updates and News


What good stuff happened with Bike Baton Rouge in May? Read on for some updates about what our members and volunteers got accomplished in May!

The biggest news was the launch of our program to donate bike lights to the BRPD. We had a huge response from our members as well as the general public. Over a hundred and twenty of you liked or commented on the Facebook post announcing the donation, several of you signed up to become members (we even got a few messages asking us to keep the lights that come with the membership packets for upcoming donations!), and our friends Doug Ramsey and Danita LeBlanc made a large donation to purchase the next set of a hundred lights.

We love our local businesses and we hope that you'll support them (particularly those with bike racks!) but if you choose to shop online, then you can support our amazon smile account which will see a small percentage of your purchases going towards Bike Baton Rouge to fund more programs and donations!

Bike to Work Week and the #mybikestory hashtag got many new bike commuters out on our streets and talking about how riding in Baton Rouge is typically a much more pleasant experience than people imagine!

#mybikestory photo submission

#mybikestory photo submission

The National Bike Challenge began and we've made steady progress towards our goal of 25,000 miles logged by September. We're still way below our team goal of fifty riders, with twelve, but you can help us by signing up here and logging your miles!

The Government Street road diet project finally had an update, and we're looking forward to seeing progress made towards that eventual start date.

And finally, Senate Bill No. 171 passed through House Committee, and saw some action on the House Floor before being withdrawn, and is up again on the House Floor TODAY.

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Love what we're doing? Want to help? You can sign up to be a member, donate, or register as a volunteer on our TAKE ACTION page. NOTHING we do is possible without the support of our members - Thank YOU for helping us make Baton Rouge a better place to bike!

Mika Torkkola
Bike Baton Rouge