May is National Bike Month - join our challenge!

Bike Baton Rouge leads a ride around the State Capitol

Bike Baton Rouge leads a ride around the State Capitol

May is National Bike Month - and Bike Baton Rouge has signed up for the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Challenge, which runs from May through September. The National Bike Challenge invites bicyclists from all over the United States to log their miles ridden on the National Bike Challenge Website during the summer months (which we realize can be a bit daunting in the heat of Louisiana), and the challenge aims to reach a total of 75 million miles pedalled in this time.

Bike Baton Rouge's goals are a little more modest - we'd like to see fifty riders in Baton Rouge sign up to our team, and if those riders can average twenty-five miles a week, then together we could add 25,000 miles to the national goal.

We're going to have several prizes on offer for participants in our challenge - a T-Shirt of your choice for both the male and the female who racks up the greatest mileage in the National Bike Challenge, as well as a T-shirt of your choice for two randomly selected participants (one male and one female) who rack up a hundred miles or more. As an added incentive, we'll double our giveaway and give out T-Shirts to the first AND second highest mileages, and to a total of four randomly selected participants IF (and only if) we meet our 25,000 mile goal.

If you're like most of us, then you'll be riding your bike anyway. You can log your miles manually or with any range of apps such as Strava, MapMyRide or endomondo. There's also a neat feature to 'save a route' so you can add your commute with just the click of a button.

The National Bike Challenge begins on SUNDAY!

You can sign up for the National Bike Challenge here and be sure to join team Bike Baton Rouge here