Press release - Bike Baton Rouge applauds passing of SB 171 from Committee Hearing

Baton Rouge, LA

Bike Baton Rouge was extremely pleased to see Senate Bill 171 passed with overwhelming support by the Senate Judiciary Committee C on Tuesday, April 12. The bill, which increases penalties for motorists who kill or maim vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists due to careless driving, was amended slightly before being passed, complete with three committee members choosing to co-author the bill.
“It’s really a fantastic result, we could not have imagined greater support from our Senators,” said Mika Torkkola of Bike Baton Rouge. “That Senators Colomb, Mills and Carter chose to co-author this bill speaks volumes about how much this bill means to these senators and their constituents, and of the bill’s chances of passing both through the Senate and the House.”
Several Bike Baton Rouge members were present to offer support and testimony in favor of the bill, joining pedestrians, runners, motorcyclists and users of mobility aids from around Louisiana. The bill is modeled on similar bills that have already passed successfully in nine other states (Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington)
Over a hundred walkers, runners and bicyclists participated in a combined walk/run event in support of the bill that was organized by Bike Baton Rouge and Varsity Sports on the Monday evening before the hearing. 
On behalf of its members and of all bicyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users in Baton Rouge and Louisiana, Bike Baton Rouge would like to thank Senators Smith and Hilferty, the original authors of the bill, Senators Colomb, Mills, and Carter, new co-authors of the bill, and the rest of the Judiciary Senate Committee C for moving favorably on this important piece of legislation.

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Bike Baton Rouge is a local non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization and has been dedicated to making bicycling trips in Baton Rouge safer and more enjoyable since 2006.