Welcome to the new site - bikebr.org

We have a table set up at Earth Day!

We have a table set up at Earth Day!

Welcome to the new Bike Baton Rouge website!

We're SUPER excited about introducing you to our new website. We've worked hard to make the website useful, attractive and easy to navigate. Most excitingly though, in our opinion, is that you can now sign up for membership directly on the website. Our membership history involved everything from mailed in checks and print outs to third-party sign up and payment websites. Now you can sign up to be a Bike Baton Rouge member right here, with just a few easy clicks starting with the 'Become a Member' button in the top right corner.

Speaking of memberships, we've changed how we handle those. In the past, individual memberships have typically been $10. This year (and in years going forward) we'll be including a newly printed Bike Baton Rouge T-Shirt in Green, Yellow or Blue in the new $25 membership. The T-Shirts will still be available at our meetings, bike corrals and events, and we'll have a special 'e-membership' option for $15 if you don't need another T-Shirt (even a sweet new Bike Baton Rouge one). Finally, on the subject of T-Shirts, we listened to what our members had to say and our new Bike Baton Rouge T-Shirts are now printed on premium Next Level 3600 stock (http://www.nextlevelapparel.com/prod-24-1-28-2/.htm) so you'll enjoy wearing them as much as you enjoy being seen in them!

There's way more new stuff on our website than we could possibly describe in a few paragraphs (and even if we could, what would the fun be in that?) so feel free to go take a poke around and see what you find - we think you'll like what you see.