PRESS RELEASE : Mayoral candidates comment on bicycling in Baton Rouge


10/21/16, Baton Rouge, LA

Sharon Weston Broome, Denise Marcelle, Greg LaFleur, Bodi White, and Darryl Gissel’s responses to a five question survey of Baton Rouge’s mayoral candidates facilitated by local bike advocacy organization Bike Baton Rouge were published on Friday morning on the Bike Baton Rouge website at
The responses highlight each candidate’s position on bicycle infrastructure and safety in Baton Rouge as well as their previous involvement in improving bicycling conditions in Baton Rouge. Responses from eight metro council candidates were also included.
"As Baton Rouge's bicycle advocacy organization we felt it was our responsibility to make sure each candidate had the opportunity to communicate their position on bicycling issues to our members as well as the general public," said Mika Torkkola, president of Bike Baton Rouge. "And we think the responses do a great job in highlighting what each respondent will be willing to do to make Baton Rouge a better place to ride a bicycle."
Candidates were contacted starting October 6, 2016 via email and social media and had until October 20 to respond. Torkkola says that while not every candidate responded to their request, those who did offered genuine and thoughtful comments.
Those candidates who did not respond can still do so by contacting Bike Baton Rouge. Their answers will be added to the list once they are submitted. 

Mika Torkkola
225 571 2906

Bike Baton Rouge is a local non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization and has been dedicated to making bicycling trips in Baton Rouge safer and more enjoyable since 2006.