Bike Baton Rouge Annual Membership (includes BBR Pint Glass)


Bike Baton Rouge Annual Membership (includes BBR Pint Glass)


Own too many shirts? Don't have at torso? Pick up a sweet Bike Baton Rouge pint glass with your annual membership instead of a T-Shirt!

(We can't ship or deliver these glasses - grab one at an event or email us at to arrange a pick up)

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Why be a Bike Baton Rouge member? Your membership makes bicycling in Baton Rouge better in three ways :

1) It helps us be your voice. When we talk to elected officials or employees of the city (or state) about bike issues, we use our membership statistics to help our case. If we tell those people that we represent over a hundred paid members of Bike Baton Rouge, they listen a little harder than if we were there alone. Those people make and enforce our laws and buy the infrastructure that we'll be riding on in the years to come.

2) It helps us help others. The money raised from memberships goes directly back to making bicycling in Baton Rouge safer, easier and more enjoyable. Our most notable examples from 2016 include our light donation program, which has seen over fifteen hundred sets of LED bike lights donated to people without them (mostly by the BRPD) - and the Bike Baton Rouge Map stickers which we are putting up around our city to help people get around town easier.

3) It helps you help us. We are a 100% volunteer run organization. Our members make us who we are - from our board of directors, to the people who put on our bike rides, and the people who staff our volunteer events like bike parking. Your membership helps us pay for our website, supplies for our programs, and more. 

(The glass with this membership WILL NOT be shipped or delivered. Please pick it up at a BBR event or email us at to arrange a pick up time and location)