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Join the large and growing number of Baton Rouge residents who are helping make Baton Rouge a better place to bike by becoming a member of Bike Baton Rouge!

As a member, you would be included on our email list which we use to remind members of bimonthly meetings and request volunteers for events.

What do we do with your membership fees? Two things:

First, having you in our books as a member allows us to be your voice. When Bike Baton Rouge or our volunteers speak to elected officials, businesses or employees with the city of Baton Rouge, we can tell them that we represent many, many people in Baton Rouge who care enough about bicycling to sign up to be a member with our organization.

Second, the money that you gave Bike Baton Rouge in return for your membership (and/or merchandise) we put directly back into the community in helping Baton Rouge become a better place to bike. Some examples of how we spend that money are in printing brochures advertising bike racks that we give out to businesses, purchasing bike lights to donate to community organizations, putting on events such as the Bike Corrals we staff at festivals and our annual Mike Bitton awards, and in creating flyers to hand out in support of our bicycle advocacy efforts - such as those around April’s hearings of Senate Bill No. 171

All of the above is powered by your contribution and by our amazing volunteers, who donate their time to put on these events, design these materials and to organize and lead bike information and educational bike rides that help both our members and non-members get around Baton Rouge more easily on a bicycle.

From the bottom of our ‘healthier-than-normal-because-we-bike-ride’  hearts, thank you for considering joining or renewing your membership with Bike Baton Rouge!

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