Contacts :

Mika Torkkola, Bike Baton Rouge : 225 571 2906
Doug Moore, Bike Baton Rouge : 225 620 5471

Count times :

Tuesday September 12th, 5pm to 7pm
Saturday September 16th, 12pm to 2pm

Count locations :

Count documents :

'Screenline' count form available on page 3
Intersection count form available pages 5 - 7

Please fill in your name, count location, date, time period, and weather conditions (fair, rainy, very cold).  
Count all bicyclists crossing through the intersection under the appropriate categories.
 Count for two hours in 15‐minute increments.
 Count bicyclists who ride on the sidewalk.
 Count the number of people on the bicycle, not the number of bicycles.
 Use one intersection graphic per 15‐minute interval.

Email results to