Bike Baton Rouge is changing its By-laws

At our next meeting (October 5th), Bike Baton Rouge members will be voting on adopting a new set of by-laws for the organization. By-laws are the 'constitution' of any non-profit organization such as Bike Baton Rouge, and describe how that organization should be run.

Any paid members who are present at that meeting will be eligible to vote, but to make it easier for everyone, we'll also be allowing you to place your vote right now at the bottom of this page (you won't have to make it to the meeting if you're voting electronically). To make an informed decision, we recommend fully reading the current and the new by-laws below.

To read the current (old) by-laws, please click HERE.

To read the proposed (new) by-laws, please click HERE.

To vote on these changes, you'll have to be a paid member at the time of the vote on October 5th. You can sign up any time before or at the meeting right here. Your membership dues support all of Bike Baton Rouge's efforts, including our bike parking, bike light donations, bicycle advocacy and more.

why we're changing our by-laws

Our current by-laws were written a long time ago and describe the organization and the environment it operated in at the time. While our goal (to make Baton Rouge a better place to bike) has not changed, the tools that we have at our disposal, and the attitude towards bicycling in Baton Rouge have both changed - a lot (and for the better!)

We've been running our organization in this new environment for some time. Our proposed by-laws would merely align what exists on paper about our organization with what exists in reality.

If you have any questions about the proposed bylaws, before you'd cast your vote, please shoot us an email at

Please complete the form below to submit your vote for the new by-lawS

Only registered members will have their votes counted, but don't worry - if you're not sure if you're a member you can cast your vote below and we'll get back to you if you need to renew your membership.

If you're not a member but would like to have your say in how Bike Baton Rouge is run, you can sign up here.

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