Bike to School with Bike Baton Rouge!

Bike Baton Rouge wants to help your school and its pupils get a leg up to a healthier and more enjoyable way to get to school (or just around your neighbourhood). We'll help your junior bicyclists get started biking by helping you host a bike safety day at your school and in getting you bike lights to keep safe on the roads!

start a bike club!

  • Gives students and their families the opportunity to learn safe urban cycling skills 
  • Develops independent thinking skills
  • Encourages an active lifestyle at an early age 
  • Promotes active learning about the community, environment and road rules
  • Studies show a direct correlation between activity and test scores

Bike Baton Rouge will help :

  • Co-ordinate between you and your school to get the Bike Club started
  • Organize and lead your first Bike Safety Day
  • Provide bike lights to participants to keep them safe and visible


  • Have a place to park bikes
  • Have a public contact person for the club (email or phone) that we can publish
  • Hold a Bike Safety Day (Bike Baton Rouge volunteers will lead this event)



Already have a bike club or bike program? That's great! Shoot us an email and we'll help your program succeed by providing FREE bike lights for your pupils!


Identify Interest

  • Recruit one bike club leader amongst the school's parents and one amongst the leaders (you might be one of these!)
  • Talk to students and adults at the school to gauge interest in a bike club - involve as many as possible in organizing a kick-off event that will appeal to them - with a ride to a nearby park or other destination

Organize a Bike Safety Day event

  • The best place to hold the Bike Safety Day is at your school. Be sure to talk to your principal to get permission and to help with advertisement.
  • Contact Bike Baton Rouge to lead the event, which will include the ABCs of biking, a bike obstacle course, and a 'crash course' on traffic rules.


  • To get participation, create a handout, send out an email, include in your school newsletter and create an event on Facebook. Ask your school to help get the word out.
  • Reach out to local media to cover the event.

interested in starting a bike club or bike program at your school? Have an existing program and need some help? Want to keep your kids safe with some free lights? email us at