You can make Baton Rouge a better place to run, walk, and pedal. Below is a list of ways in which you can act to make a difference in Baton Rouge.

Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member? Check out our Membership Page. You can also come to our bi-monthly meetings and see what we're about (see Facebook Events page).


Members of Bike Baton Rouge are constantly getting involved with the community and you can too! Learn more about volunteering with Bike Baton Rouge on our Volunteer page.

Join a Ride

Bike Baton Rouge posts information about social rides on the Calendar page. Social rides that BBR hosts, like Velo! Velo! will be posted on our Facebook events page.

Report a Hazard

Seen a bike lane, sidewalk, or other facility that is not up to snuff? Let us know below and we'll do what we can to get it fixed! See our Report a Hazard page to learn more.

Start a Club

Interested in starting a bike club or bike program at your school? Have an existing program and need some help? Want to keep your kids safe with some free lights? See our School Bike Club page to learn more.

Want to make your establishment more bicyclist-friendly? Put in a bike rack! Bike Baton Rouge bike racks are designed, made, and installed locally by Dave Cano of Iron Design LLC. To learn more, see our Request a Bike Rack page.

Request a Bike Rack

Take a Class

Want to patch that flat or have smoother shifting? Take an Introduction to Bike Maintenance class with an experienced mechanic. More information on our Facebook page.


We're encouraging everyone who rides (whether it be to work or just for a regular pedal) to tell their bike story.  Help remove the stigma that biking in Baton Rouge is 'scary' by telling #mybikestory. Learn more about this initiative on our #mybikestory page.


Want to support the work we do? Contribute to our cause on our Donate page.